Shania Twain made an appearance at the Juno Awards this past weekend at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Frédéric Thiebaud, by her side. Twain was there to be formally inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and her tearful acceptance speech was one of the most emotional moments of the night.

"I really am turning into such a sap. This, ah, is just a very beautiful moment for me," Twain said as she gave her speech of thanks. "I'm really so proud of Canada's talent, world class talent, songwriters, singers, performers. We should be proud of these people. They're just blowing me away, and I guess I have more pride in what country has created musically than I am even of my own success. Honestly, I'm just more proud to be from Canada. This is a beautiful country."

The ever humble country star told reports backstage, "I don’t feel iconic -- I can tell you that. I don’t feel that way at all. I still feel like a girl from Timmins. That will never change."

Twain also told the Toronto Sun that she is currently in the studio recording new music -- her first new album since 2002. She is also preparing to return to the stage. "I’m not really sure when I’ll be able to get back up on that stage. I am preparing for it, I can tell you that, and I am already in the studio with new music and I’m very excited," she revealed.

Twain not only has an autobiography coming out on May 3, she is also shooting her upcoming docu-series, 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' which premieres Sunday, May 8 on OWN. The country star says, “I actually created the concept myself. I actually went to [Winfrey], to be honest, initially, and said, ‘What do you think of this idea that I have?’ She loved it, and that was the end -- that was the end of the beginning, I suppose.”