Last night marked Shania Twain's first appearance at the CMT Music Awards in seven years, and what does she do? She takes a header, wipes out and any other phrase you want to use for "falls on camera, with the whole country music world watching her."

When heading to the stage to present the award for Male Video of the Year, Twain took what looked like a pretty nasty spill. But in signature Shania fashion, she didn't pretend like it never happened. In fact, she released a video, via Twitter, where she addresses the tumble. We're used to Twain being open, honest and revealing about the big and the small things in her life, thanks to her 'Why Not? With Shania Twain' docu-series.

In the post-CMT Awards (and post-fall) video, Twain is dressed down and relaxing in what looks like a hotel. She says, "I have to get this adrenaline out because I made a complete fool of myself." She continues, "I realized I don't need a stunt double since I do my own stunts in the Thelma and Louise video clip and I didn't need a stunt double to wipe out on my way to the stage to present."

It's refreshing to see Twain handle the embarrassing moment by poking fun at herself. Her comeback certainly isn't marred by a little fall! She wasn't injured, either. As she says, "I didn't hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb and that's it."

The culprit, however, was the pair of high heels she was wearing ... and Twain is so done with those! "I am going to auction off those shoes as soon as I can," she said, joking that "I never want to see those shoes again. Maybe I will should keep them as a souvenir."

Watch Shania Twain Address Her CMT Awards Fall