A Shania Twain fan went into cardiac arrest during the singer’s concert on Saturday night (Sept. 12), but his life may have been saved when an emergency app called Pulsepoint alerted over 40 people within the arena, including emergency responders located in the man’s section.

Prior to her show at Spokane Veterans Arena in Washington, Twain had given free tickets to local fire stations. The city’s assistant fire chief says some of those firefighters were seated in the exact row of the man who went into cardiac arrest. When fans saw he wasn’t breathing, they called 911. The Pulsepoint app automatically notified over 40 people in the arena.

The app only alerts you if you’re within a quarter mile of someone in cardiac arrest. When the alert was sent, all could see exactly where the man was seated, as well as the nearest defibrillator. A paramedic and one retired firefighter responded immediately, according to KXLY-TV.

The unidentified man is recovering and doing well, the TV station reports. Twain is bringing her 2015 Rock This Country Tour to a close this fall. She has several dates still scheduled in America and Canada before one final show in Kelowna, B.C. This will be her final major tour.

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