Shania Twain had better watch her back, because with the way 6-year-old Alexis sings her tunes, she might be out of a job soon. Twain invited one of her littlest fans up on stage with her at her show in Washington, D.C., this summer and quickly found out the adorable little girl was ready for her debut.

After talking to Alexis for a minute, Twain asked her if she’d like to sing. The rookie singer didn’t miss a beat when asked what song she’d like to perform, immediately answering with “Honey, I’m Home.”

Twain started the chorus and handed Alexis the mic, who was not shy about launching into the tune. After she reached the end of the chorus, though, she started back at the beginning! Fans laughed and “aww”ed along with Twain as the charming young singer repeated the chorus over and over until Twain graciously took the mic back and congratulated her on a job well done.

The adorable scene was captured by a fan on video — check out Alexis’ stage debut above.

Twain has been on her Rock This Country tour, which the artist has said will be the final tour of her career, running through the end of October. Before the tour, she spent a two-year-long stint in Vegas with her Still the One show, which fans can now access via her Shania: Still the One Live from Vegas CD/DVD combo, released in March.

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