Shania Twain seemed humbled by the tremendous support shown to her in Nashville over the weekend. The superstar played Music City for the first time in years, proving that while the town has changed mightily, what she brings to a live show has not.

For over 90 minutes Twain held the thousands of fans at the Bridgestone Arena in her hand like they were her dazzling red microphone. Beginning with "Rock This Country" — the namesake of her 2015 tour — Twain reeled 19 well-known hits, appreciating the crowd singing to her as much as the audience did her power on stage.

"When I came here, I was in my 20s, and I met a lot of warm and caring friends here," Twain said at one point. "I feel like I'm coming back home."

"Honey I'm Home," "You Win My Love" and "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" followed. Early on her pyrotechnics were muted in comparison to what was to come later. The light show was also scaled-back in comparison to illumination used by artists like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. But she wasn't without tricks.

Twain sang "Up!" on a soaring (and thankfully, not bucking) bull that turned one full revolution above the audience. Before "Any Man of Mine" she pined to be out in the crowd, among her people. Instead of traipsing through in heels however, the star stepped onboard a clear wagon to be pulled around the arena.

Twain's Rock This Country tour will be her last major tour, and it will surely be one of the last times she puts on her signature outfits to perform in front of crowds as large as the one that greeted her in Nashville. She'll be 50 in August, and despite a commitment to good health and exercise, modesty will eventually prevail. Twain may have lost some swagger, but few will say she looked and sounded anything but fabulous on this night.

The highlight of the show may have come when she wasn't singing. An acoustic set of ballads culminated with "From This Moment On," her 1998 duet with Bryan White. The audience sang along and then took over, sounding as good as a capacity arena crowd can sound.

After "(If You're Not in It for Love) I'm Outta Here" closed the show, Twain again took the elevator to the stage floor — wearing her fourth outfit of the night — to sing "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." It was a short encore, but by this point there may have been nothing left to say. There certainly weren't any more hits to sing.

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