Shania Twain sat down with Oprah Winfrey today to chat about her journey to overcome the hardships she's seen in her life, and unveiled that she will be performing at the 2011 CMA Music Festival.

Twain laid it all out there on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show,' her first television appearance in over five years. The five-time Grammy winning country superstar opened up about her gut-wrenching divorce from Mutt Lange and the loss of her voice, as well as her new book and television show, 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' which premieres this weekend.

"Thank you for helping me come out of my shell," Twain told Oprah, as she sat down in a chair facing her and finally unleashed some suppressed feelings as a part of her decision to take a journey in search of herself and her voice, and to make peace with her past.

Twain, whose album 'Come On Over' is the best-selling album of all time by a female artist in any genre, has seen a lot of behind-the-scenes turmoil in her life, despite being at the top musically. As a child, she witnessed intense acts of violence between her mother and stepfather -- both of whom were killed in an accident when Twain was 22. Then, in 2008, Twain and her husband Lange divorced after 15 years of marriage, due to an act of adultery committed by her husband with her best friend.

Because of these events, Twain has over time developed an intense fear and anxiety, which caused her to lose her beautiful singing voice. Simply, she has muffled herself under years and years of anguish. "I want to, and that's the whole point of doing this," Twain admitted when Oprah asked whether she'll sing again. "I really can't imagine not singing again."

In just a few years since the divorce, which Twain says actually made her want to die, she has remarried -- to Fred Thiebaud, the ex-husband of the friend who stole hers, no less -- and is on the path to total recovery. "Sometimes I think bad things have to happen to us to give us perspective," she told Oprah and the audience.

The 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' hitmaker not only used her return to television to make leaps in her personal improvement. She wanted her appearance revival to be huge, and surprised the studio audience with tickets to the 2011 CMA Music Festival, where she announced she will be performing alongside Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, and recently added songstress Taylor Swift. Twain's involvement in the fest will be the first time she has performed publicly in five years.

Her new tell-all television series, 'Why Not,' premieres on the OWN network this Sunday, May 9 at 11PM ET.

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