This week, Shania Twain is back to familiar territory: the Billboard music charts! For the first time in six years, Twain's name graces the chart with the entry of her brand-new single, 'Today Is Your Day.' The song debuted at No. 40, marking the fourth-highest start of Twain's 33 entries dating back to her start in country music in 1993.

The last time Twain's name was seen on the Billboard chart was back in 2005 when 'Shoes' from the 'Desperate Housewives' soundtrack peaked at No. 29. Throughout her career, Twain has scored 16 Top 10 singles, seven of which were No. 1 hits.

Earlier this month (June 2), Twain received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Days later, the singing superstar announced during a press conference at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame that she will headline a string of dates at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas beginning in December of 2012. The performances will take place over the course of two years.

Twain's video for 'Today Is Your Day' debuted earlier this week. The song is the first of new music to come from Twain, which many are hoping will lead to a full-length album soon.

Watch the Shania Twain 'Today Is Your Day' Video