After 11 years without touring, many country fans thought Shania Twain would never come back to the road. There was turmoil in her personal life, she still had a son to raise, and on top of it all, the legendary star lost her singing voice — a mystery that still worries her to this day.

"It was very depressing for me. I really believed that I would never sing again," Twain relates to Entertainment Weekly. "I was convinced, because for a long time I just couldn’t get it out. It wasn’t my vocal cords, which was very frustrating — if it was a straight-ahead problem I could just have an operation for, then I would have done it and dealt with it and got back to singing. But it was so much more mysterious than that."

Thankfully, Twain was somehow able to overcome and get back onstage for her successful Shania: Still the One shows in Las Vegas. And throughout that comeback, the singer hinted at a fresh new tour. Those hints are now a reality, with Twain's Rock This Country run kicking off June 5 in Seattle and lasting through October.

But since she's been through so many ups and downs trying to get back into form, Twain said she's not taking any more chances. "(Recovering) was a slow, painful process," she admits. "It was like learning to walk all over again. I had to learn how to use the tools from scratch."

Now, she warms up extensively before every show, eats right and gets plenty of rest. And according to her, it's all paying off.

"When I was on the road before, I never warmed up," Twain explains. "Now I need an hour of serious warming up. It's a physical workout and a vocal workout. It's very high-maintenance. But I do think I sing better, and I think I can do more things with my voice now than I did before."

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