For someone who cannot find her singing voice, country singer Shania Twain sure is talking a lot -- especially about the marital betrayal she endured when her husband cheated on her with her best friend. Twain is a brave women for speaking so openly about such a crippling event in her life, so if her goal is to help other women who've endured the same crisis, then she is certainly succeeding.

On the second episode of her new reality show, 'Why Not? With Shania Twain' (which airs on the OWN), Twain opened up even more, traveling to Northern Ontario in Canada to a little town called Huntsville, which is nestled between her hometown and Toronto. The area reminds Twain of a "transitional time in my life," as it marked the loss of her parents and her career taking off, so it's bittersweet for her -- and she doesn't hide it for the cameras.

At that time, Twain had two young brothers to care for, and she was left wondering how to economically cope and had to decide whether or not to abandon her musical aspirations, since live singing in a bar was not the most efficient way to support a family. But Twain took a job at Deerhurst in Huntsville, which she credits with keeping her in music. Footage of Twain from that era shows the singer sporting big hair and lots of makeup, but her voice is unmistakable.

Twain admitted she had never worn heels or worked with dancers, so the gig yanked her out of her comfort zone. On this episode, she submerged full on into uncomfortable situations and comes full circle by returning to the Deerhurst stage to practice, but she still can't find her signing voice, blaming it on the room (it's too dry) and the fact that sometimes you don't have it every night. She was clearly not enjoying herself.

Twain also returned to her old songwriting cabin in a remote area of Canada and recalled her songwriting partnership with her now ex-husband, uber private producer Robert "Mutt" Lange. The pair produced albums that sold in excess of 75 million copies, so clearly, they had a fruitful relationship. Twain looked wistful and sad when she mused that "it really worked" about what they accomplished. There appeared to be some deep, unsettled pain and love in that moment.

Twain talked about how the demands of her professional career wore her down to the point where she felt like nothing more than a professional and that while she was doing everything, she wasn't doing anything well. She speaks in detail about her split with Lange and how she discovered that her best friend whom she had confided in had an affair with her husband, saying, "I was like the child whose dog got run over by a car and no one wanted to tell me." The rawness of the pain is evident.

Next, Twain met with the author whose books helped her deal with the disintegration of her marriage. She spoke positively of her ex-husband despite what he did to her, and wondered if people really need therapists, suggesting that we should stand on our own two feet. Twain doesn't need a therapist when she has this show to channel her emotions through!

She met with a friend of her sister's who also had a friend cheat with her husband, and the two went skydiving together. Adventure is part of Twain's therapy, and so is the camera. It only makes the hugely successful singer seem more reachable and more real.

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