On the latest episode of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' dubbed 'Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word,' Shania Twain recognizes that she can't live without singing, which is a point she has made abundantly clear on every episode of the docu-drama.

We're several episodes deep now, and in this one, Twain faces a new fear, which is rock climbing -- something she is doing for the first time ever. "I need to engage myself in the physical experience and stop going in circles in my mind," Twain says.

Since the show is a gab fest, and Twain expresses her feelings and emotions in every episode, she counterbalances the chatting with some adventure and strenuous physical activity this week. She talks about not having a safety net on stage like she did when climbing the rocks and it's a sensible comparison.

Twain again offers an embryonic version of her new song, 'Today Is Your Day,' as she works on relaxing and retraining her vocal muscles. She also attends a counseling session to sort through her post-marital disintegration emotions.

By now, the show has a visible formula that includes a cathartic event; Twain working on music and locating her voice; and addressing the betrayal. In this week's therapy session, the singer does say something incredibly poignant. Since she attained such a measure of enviable career success, she felt like she didn't have the right to be wounded by other things in life, which is an unfair thing to impose on herself. It was a breakthrough moment. She has a Reiki therapy session and writes unsent letters to her ex-husband and former best friend.

At this point in the series, Twain appears incredibly comfortable with full disclosure. Her diehard fans will appreciate this level of openness, but a casual watcher might tire of all this open-door therapy. The compelling element that makes the next episode worth watching each week is the prospect of Twain singing in full again or confronting her ex-best friend.

Watch the video for 'You're Still the One' by Shania Twain