Shania Twain is fearless ... even though she probably doesn't feel like it. On this week's episode of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' Twain engaged in another public therapy session, obviously unconcerned by the fact that she might seem like a chronic confessor and overindulgent whiner.

She traveled to Las Vegas, where Caesar's Palace execs are courting her to be their next headliner. We saw Twain tired, cranky, crying, warts 'n' all, as she considered the offer. However, if you've been watching this docu-drama or even following Twain's personal life, you're already aware that she has "lost" her singing voice and ability to perform and is still recovering from the deception she endured at the hands of her best friend and ex-husband.

Early on, Twain said, "I couldn't do a concert tomorrow. I'm not ready," which means the series is going to end with a concert; how could it not? The whole theme of the show and the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) on which it appears is about women overcoming adversity.

Twain also met with singer Gladys Knight, who has been performing in Vegas for 45 years, to get a sense of what this gig would entail. Twain also sang her new song, 'Today Is Your Day,' early on in the episode.

She traveled to Nashville for a check-up to make sure there is nothing physical happening to her famous vocal chords, preventing her from singing. She does suffer from dysphonia, which is a condition affecting her physical voice, but it's also psychosomatic.

Interestingly, Twain met with a woman named Anita who cheated with a friend's husband in order to gain some perspective, since Twain can't go to the source and address her own situation with her betrayers. It's a vicarious therapy session in a show full of therapy sessions.

Before the episode ended, Twain performed on the roof of a Vegas building, and it was one step closer to unlocking the puzzle and locating her voice. "I want to sing again," Twain said. We hope she gets to that place.

Watch Shania Twain Sing 'Today Is Your Day'