The first episode of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain' was overstuffed and dense with feeling! Shania Twain opened up so completely it's as though she unzipped a hoodie and let everything she's been holding close to her chest fall to the table for viewers to pick and sort through.

It's certainly the type of therapy TV that Oprah Winfrey fans and watchers like to indulge in, and that's why OWN -- Oprah Winfrey Network -- is the perfect nesting place for such a show.

"The shock of the betrayal in my personal life brought on the realization that I have lost my ability to express myself, and my ability to sing," Twain revealed, leaving no emotional stone unturned. "I've lost it. I just can't express myself."

Obviously, things have changed markedly for Twain, as she expressed herself quite publicly in the first episode of this gripping, can't-look-away docu-series. It's too serious and too personal to be categorized as a reality show, but it does turn the microscope on Twain's real life.

"I really can't complain," Twain admitted, and we saw that her life has improved, as she is now happily remarried and working on new music. But things are far from perfect for the woman who holds the distinction of being the biggest selling female country artist. "I've got a beautiful man. I have everything I could ever want in life. Why am I so unhappy?"

Looks like we'll find out a lot more about Shania Twain and the core cause of her happiness and unhappiness as the series unfolds each week. The show airs at 10PM ET on Sunday nights.

Watch the Preview of the Debut Episode of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain'