Fans of early '90s country music won't have to scratch their heads too hard to recall the hit love song by the group Shenandoah, titled 'I Want to Be Loved Like That.' The tune comes in at No. 43 on our Top 100 Country Love Songs list -- and for good reason.

The tender song gives shout outs to some of love's greatest stories, including the singer's own mother and father and the famed Natalie Wood and James Dean, illuminating the fact that he, too, wants to be loved 'like that.'

'I Want to Be Loved Like That,' was released off the band's fifth studio album, 'Under the Kudzu,' in September of 1993. The tune reaching No. 3 on the U.S. country singles chart and No. 1 on R&Rs.


Listen to 'I Want to Be Loved Like That' by Shenandoah