Spencer's Own are releasing a lyric video for their new single, and they're letting Taste of Country readers see it before anyone else.

The music of Spencer's Own derives from real-life brotherly love; Nathan, Morgan, Jordon, Nic and Quinn Williams are brothers who were raised in the small farm town of Twin Falls, Idaho, where they grew up singing together and cut their musical teeth playing at schools and festivals.

The group chose their name as a tribute to their father, Spencer, and the small-town values he raised them with, putting family and friends at the center of their lives. Their music focuses on their signature family harmonies, and they've built a following large enough that they have recently spent time in the studio cutting their debut EP, which is set for release on Nov. 13.

Each of the brothers brings a special strength to the band, resulting in a fresh, modern sound that's all their own. Jordon has a high tenor voice, while Nic sings bass and provides the beats. Morgan sings with soul and plays the harmonica, Quinn possesses a warm tenor voice and Nathan serves up his baritone leads with an edgy pop influence.

Like anyone chasing a dream of success in country music, Spencer's Own have moved to Nashville, where they recorded the tracks for the upcoming EP. The single from that EP, "Livin' in the Moment," evolved from a few lines scrawled in a bathroom during an impromptu writing session into their live shows, and eventually into their introduction to country radio. The theme of the love song is taking it all in and enjoying the moment that you're living in right now.

“We feel like that we have been writing our life story, experiences, and most important pouring our heart and soul into our songs for this new album,” says Nate. “We can’t wait to share our music with the world.”

Keep up with Spencer's Own at their official website, or by following them on Twitter or Facebook.

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