Steel Magnolia chatted with WSOC while backstage recently, and given the fact that Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones are not only bandmates but also a real-life couple, they were asked to "guestimate" how many fights they engage in, as the average couple locks horns and has 312 fights a year. If you break it down, that's almost a fight per day.

Since Linsey and Jones are co-workers who co-habit on a tour bus in addition to enjoying romantic ties, it would stand to reason that they fight more and that things would be magnified given their proximity. But 'tis not the case.

"It varies day to day," Linsey said. Jones expanded, saying, "We get into fights, but they don't last. As soon as they are over, they're over. We get along pretty good."

Clearly, the couple that plays live together, stays together.