Steel Magnolia celebrated the release of their debut album and talked about plans for their first big royalty checks -- and how 11 has become their new lucky number -- in an interview with Detroit radio station WYCD recently.

But what about the big question that's been haunting bandmates and romantic couple Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones since their appearance on the national music scene? Well, as Joshua revealed, the pair are in fact married ... (wait for it) ... to their music.

See, it was a trick. He was playing on our emotions in order to return the conversation to the topic of Steel Magnolia's self-titled debut album. Which, it just so happens, came out last week -- specifically, on Jan. 11. In an odd coincidence, the band's Twitter account name is @steelmagnolia11. So does that mean "11" is the band's lucky number? "It is now!" declared Linsey.

We also found out that Joshua snores, and that he sees no reason to get hitched right now. "If it's not broken, don't fix it," he said. Not so fast: Linsey quickly retorted, "Well, eventually we'll fix it."

Steel Magnolia will be performing select shows in support of their debut album this winter. You can get their tour information here and listen to the rest of their interview on WYCD. Plus, be sure to check out Taste of Country's exclusive interview with the band, as well as stream their full self-titled album.