Country duo Steel Magnolia had set a high bar with previous music videos for 'Last Night Again' and 'Just By Being You,' but the always photogenic Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey have again found a way to give their music a stunning visual presentation in their new video for 'Bulletproof.'

"It’s about a frustrated magician who I play and this magician’s assistant," Jones tells Taste of Country. "It’s kind of like this magician goes through this whole performance and all the tricks keep backfiring in his face. And this magician’s assistant -- which is Meghan -- is just cool as a cucumber singing the song and looking good."

Linsey does indeed look her best as Jones' befuddled magician stumbles around behind her. Jones takes this character from the silent movie era, comically exaggerating his frustration and dishevelment. The music isn't lost in the action. By the end, the two have dropped their personas and along with the band are singing their empowerment anthem.

"It was one of those songs, like ‘Keep on Lovin’ You' -- the first time we heard it we knew it was something we wanted to put on the record 'cause it just sounded like an old familiar song that you wanted to sing,' Jones says. 'Bulletproof' is the fourth single from the dating duo's self-titled debut album.

Watch the Steel Magnolia 'Bulletproof' Video