Since releasing their debut EP one year ago, Striking Matches have been popping up all over the place. On ABC's 'Nashville,' the Grand Ole Opry, on stage with Charles Kelley's bawdy side project … it's almost hard to get away from them!

OK, Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis are still very new to wider country audiences, but with songs like 'Trouble Is As Trouble Does,' that may soon change. Listen to the track here via Taste of Country premiere.

The two friends and classmates from Belmont University set a blistering tempo driven by a thick bass line and roaming, racing guitar. It's a love song of sorts -- the bad boy meets good girl sort of love song that compels you to listen. Zimmermann begins as the lead vocalist before Davis gets his turn at a verse.

They come together at the chorus: "Everybody says I've lost my mind / When I'm with you I guess I see why / I'm saying things I never say / Doing things I don't do / You're no good for me and they say I'm too good for you / I can't help myself when you're around / If trouble is as trouble does then I'm in trouble now."

The single is also being released to radio and iTunes.