Sugarland's newest No. 1 digital hit puts the Atlanta duo in an entirely different ballpark, with its fusion of pop, country and reggae. But the fun bubblegum hook is what makes the song, written by Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra and Shy Carter.

"I was writing 'Stuck Like Glue' and I thought, 'Man, this is a song that Jennifer [Nettles] sure could sing,'" Griffin explains to the Dallas Morning News. "I had no problem getting in touch with them and I'll tell you, No. 1 songs don't come along that often. I'm so thankful to have that one. It's been five years since my last No. 1 [Howie Day's 'Collide']."

Turns out Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush love the song for the same reasons: "[It] is about having fun; it's supposed to make you feel good," Bush tells The Boot. "Sometimes you try to write a song that you want to change the world, and sometimes you write a song that you want to just change your day!"

Griffin met Sugarland through Better Than Ezra's former drummer, Travis McNabb, who left the band in 2009 to tour with Sugarland. Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum have also both cited Better Than Ezra as an influence.

Watch the Sugarland 'Stuck Like Glue' Video