Kristian Bush, the guitar-weilding half of popular country duo Sugarland, has composed a list of Christmas gift suggestions for the group's official site under the fantastic name "Kristian's Big List of 2010 Holiday Awesomeness." 

As you might expect, Bush's list is heavy on music-related items such as a Gretsch White Falcon Guitar, Studiophile Q-40 headphones and a highly intriguing wireless audio adaptor that connects your computer to your home stereo.

However, he also includes other items that he's discovered in his globe-hopping travels of the past year or so, including Shoyeido Japanese incense, Dancing Goats coffee and a nifty gold cardigan sweater.

Of course, if the person you're shopping for is Bush himself, none of these items would make a very good surprise. But don't worry, Kristian explains that he's very easy to shop for: "Toys. Get me a toy. How about a yo-yo or some silly putty or maybe a balsa wood glider? It always reminds me to be a kid in a world with a great deal of grownup in it."