Sugarland channel an acoustic-laden side in 'Little Miss,' their second single off their anthemic, domineering album 'The Incredible Machine.'

With the help of wing man Kristian Bush, Jennifer Nettles pens a song about staying tough through hard times in life, adding, "sometimes ya gotta lose ’til ya win."

Beginning with light, acoustic plucking garnered by Bush, the song is then led into Nettles vocal powerhouse before Bush joins in (vocally) halfway through the second verse, accompanied by mid-tempo percussion. Underlining piano melodies also show up in the second verse, adding just enough anthemic pulse to a song's message of "I’m okay, It’ll be alright again, I’m okay (okay) It’ll be alright again."

'The Incredible Machine' debuted at No. 1 on both the Billboard 200 as well as the Top Country Albums chart, an album Nettles playfully deemed "stempunk." The visual concept, not the album's sound, derives from the feeling of performing on stage. 'Little Miss' follows their album's lead single, 'Stuck Like Glue.' You can listen to Sugarland rock out on 'Little Miss' below.

Listen to Sugarland, 'Little Miss'