Sugarland's brand-new 'Tonight' video, which just premiered on iTunes this week, offers a look at three different sides of vocalist Jennifer Nettles: sexy, sparkling and seductive.

We don't get to see much of guitarist Kristian Bush in this one, and when we do he's elsewhere strumming an old guitar, but Nettles' newfound swagger more than makes up for it. When the video opens, we find our heroine sprawled out on a bench in a sexy red dress, belting out her big voice to the introduction of 'Tonight.'

As the song progresses, so does Nettles' energy level, and she finds herself in scene No. 2 -- a warehouse-sized room -- and she's the sudden star, surrounded by sparkling, twinkling lights. Next up, we find our singer poised seductively on a bed in an all-white bedroom, sporting a short white sweater dress. In this scene, she may look sweet, but as she playfully eyes the cameras and crawls beneath the sheets it's clear she's got someone on her mind. Perhaps that someone is Bush's character, because the dynamic duo are never spotted in the same scene together.

"I am so excited for our fans to see the glamorous side of Sugarland," Bush tells The Boot of the new video. "We were inspired in writing this song by the emotional longing we heard in the soundtracks of iconic '80s movies like 'The Breakfast Club,' 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Say Anything' -- the feeling of being so in love that you would trade everything for just one day with that someone."

Adds Nettles, "We wanted to play with the romance and longing of this song. Hopefully that translates." Watch Sugarland's 'Tonight' video here.