In this powerful new Sugarland single, 'Tonight,' Jennifer Nettles not only grips onto a loved one, but holds notes for an impressive amount of time, as well.

'Tonight' isn't loaded lyrically, but Nettles certainly packs it with her big voice. In the second verse, which is one of two, she expresses that she would give anything to spend more time with that special someone:

"A lifetime for a day would be an even trade / No price I wouldn't pay for your heart, love / I know how it feels to breathe with you beside me / I think about it always."

Nettles can't seem to get this unnamed lover off of her mind, and we can't get this soulful tune out of our head! 'Tonight' acts as the third single from the duo's fourth studio album, 'The Incredible Machine,' which made waves last October.

You can hear the song below, but you might also be able to catch a listen on Sugarland's new radio station, which launched this week.

Listen to Sugarland, 'Tonight'