Sunny Sweeney's 'From a Table Away,' which is told from the perspective of being the other woman, is really resonating with fans, which she reveals in a recent interview with KMPS.

While the singer says that being "the other woman" isn't always an ideal situation, it's undeniable that "everybody has at one point or another. Not all relationships end like you want them to ... There's definitely truth to it. Nobody wants to sing about being the other woman, but girls come up to me at shows all the time and say, 'My God, I cannot believe you have this song, it's awesome.'"

Because the fans connect so fervently to the song, they connect to Sweeney herself and feel compelled to open up to her about their experience in that same situation.

Sweeney, who has an improv comedy background, says, "I get so much drama. I have enough stuff to write about just from other people telling me their stories about this, so there is going to be like a million sequels to this song. Women just offer me their information. It's awesome. I'm like, 'Sweet, I am going to write that down. Do you mind?'"