Sunny Sweeney's new single, 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving,' once again shows the amazing talents of the singer's songwriting skills. For the new tune, Sweeney teamed up with acclaimed singer-songwriter Radney Foster and Jay Clementi.

"We wrote this song at Radney's house," Sweeney tells Taste of Country. "It was raining outside and it was freezing! He wanted to sit outside for some reason on the porch. So me and Jay were like chattering, literally. We were sitting there, and I was actually going through a rough relationship with my marriage. I had kind of gotten to that point where I was like, leaving's pretty much all there is left to do."

“God knows we’ve tried / Everything that we could do / You can keep your pride / Blame me if you need to / Even though this freedom feels a lot like treason / I know that staying’s worse than leaving,” Sweeney sings in the song’s second verse.

"We were talking about all of that," Sweeney says of the song's content. "Jay and I have written a bunch of songs together. Basically, he's like a therapist to me. He just brings stuff out of you that you don't really even know that you're feeling. Then you're kind of like, wait ... what just happened? Then we just wrote a song. That is literally how this one happened."

The song's chorus shows the bright future that waits ahead for the woman in the song who will remain strong through the battle of separation:

“It’s gotta get better / It can’t get worse / Hope is a blessing / Not a curse / I don’t care who passes judgment on my reasons / I know that staying’s worse than leaving,” she sings.

'Staying's Worse Than Leaving' shipped to country radio earlier this week. The song is available for digital download through Sweeney's iTunes page.