In the third episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific,' dubbed 'Reap What You Sow,' country cutie Whitney Duncan was not a crucial character, as has been the case in the previous two episodes. Her screen time was minimal, and she was not heavily involved in all the fighting or drama. She did, however, deepen her alliance with Keith, at his doing, which could help her down the road as the season wears on and things get even more cutthroat.

Ozzy continues to craft the five-person alliance within the Savaii tribe. He found the hidden immunity idol, and he trusted Keith with that information. Keith, also part of the alliance with Whitney, Elyse and Jim, told Whitney that Ozzy has the idol in order to earn her trust and to curry favor with her in case he needs it down the road.

When Keith told Whitney that Ozzy had the idol, she was shocked that Ozzy had it and admitted that she was surprised that he even told Keith about it. Keith flat out said that he doesn't like Ozzy having the idol since it gives him the power and a better hold on the alliance. Duh! He also cleanly admitted that he told Whitney so she would trust him in case he needs "numbers" down the road if he is in danger of being voted off. Let's hope Whit is aware of Keith's motives for sharing that nugget of information with her.

While swinging on a hammock and hanging out with her, Keith warned Whitney not to reveal to Ozzy that she knows he has the idol. Her lips, for the time being, are sealed.

Drama! Even alliances have alliances.

It was another episode where Whitney Duncan was a peripheral character and not a crucial part of the action. But again, as the show has proven, the non-squeaky wheels often come in for the kill later on. She could be playing this perfectly.

And in case you were wondering about the final action, Whitney's tribe Savaii went to Tribal Council, and the tribe voted Papa Bear over to Redemption Island.