Tensions are rising on 'Survivor: South Pacific,' and each week, we've recapped how country singer Whitney Duncan has effectively flown under the radar as the drama unfolds in front of her face. Well, on last night's 'Cut Throat' episode, Duncan bared her teeth and showed her cunning guile.

After nerdy Cochran betrayed the Savaii tribe with his votes as part of the new merge of the tribes on last week's 'Double Agent' episode, the old alliances of Savaii remained strong. Whit cornered the sheepish Cochran after his status as a "traitor" became known and she let loose, dropping the "F" bomb a few times, too! The conversation happened at night, with the night vision cam, furthering upping the drama quotient.

"So you're the vote?" she asked. "And you realize Keith and I saved you three times? You were on the chopping block three times and that's what you f---ing do?" When Cochran tried to reason that it wasn't a move against her, Whit's loyalty shone through. An attack on Savaii members in an attack on her. She snapped, "Really that wasn't against me? You throw the whole f---ing tribe under the bus. We're going to be knocked out one by one. You've got a lot to learn. You disgust me."

Cochran tried to self-preserve and ultimately screwed his original tribe. He was called a coward for it. With the members of Upolu embracing him while the dwindling Savaii became frostier towards him, Cochran was in an awkward position of persona non grata. Whit even said, "He just lost me six weeks of my freaking life out here!" Is the tension and the drama getting to her? Does she want to just go the heck home? Is her cunning nature coming to the surface due to the rising stakes? Could be any or all of the above.

For the first immunity challenge, the survivors had to toss coconuts into a ring, crack them open, drink the coconut water, transport it through a maze and deposit into a container. It was gross, with Sophie throwing up.

While coconut water is a hip, urban beverage at this point, this was real outta-the-shell coconut water.
Whit had trouble cracking coconuts so she didn't win the individual immunity. Jim did. It was hilarious watching Jeff Probst provide the play-by-play: "Oh, and Sophie is going to throw up." Duh.

Whit had a chance to go to Tribal Council and get voted off when Dawn considered that she might have to vote more along the lines of Upolu, which has a six-to-four advantage since the merge happened.

Whit, Ozzy and Jim were shown plotting while they swam in the crystal clear water. This show has more drama and plots than a soap opera/wrestling mashup!

Spoiler alert: At the next challenge, Whit won immunity while Jim was sent to Redemption Island.