This week's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific' was called 'Survivalism,' and it was another week of blink-and-you-will-miss-her antics from country singer Whitney Duncan. Country music fans, if you are looking for a lot of action when it comes to Whit, you are not going to get it on this show (yet). The show is not indulging your desires this early on in the season. As was the case for the first three episodes of the season, Duncan  maintained a low profile.

Even though she is not getting caught up in the machinations, that doesn't stop her from looking fine. We see her wearing a hot pink bikini, showing off her super taut and toned body, with a cross hanging around her neck. The swimsuit also shows off a tattoo on her shoulder. And that's really about it. The fellow castaways seem to like Duncan. It's doubtful they fear her at this point. However, as castaways are voted off and the teams get smaller, we could be seeing more of her -- so if you are watching for a weekly dose of Whitney, stick around, enjoy the plotting and scheming of others and be patient.

In the episode, Jim ditched his alliance with Ozzy, Elyse, Whitney and Keith, so that grouping within Savaii is shrinking. He then was intent on trying to vote out Elyse. Another bullet dodged by Whit!

Spoiler alert: Stacey and Savaii went to Tribal Council, and she was sent packing to Redemption Island.