Tonight's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific' was heavy on drama and light on Whitney Duncan action, even though her Savaii tribe was knee deep in the drama and action. The episode was dubbed 'Trojan Horse,' and Ozzy was planning to sacrifice himself. He wanted to send himself to Redemption Island so that he could battle Christine and even out the numbers. It was a strategic move if ever there was one.

The challenge was convoluted, with the tribes smeared in face and body paint and blindfolded while taking direction from other tribemates. Our country girl Whitney struggled with the challenge, as did her fellow Savaii teammates, so it's not like she was any sort of handicap. Savaii ultimately lost and had to go to Tribal Council, and Duncan looked super dejected over the loss. She was never on the chopping block, nor has she been, so it's not like she was in a tizzy over the possibility of going home and kissing the prize loot goodbye.

Duncan was somewhat apprehensive about the proposed chess move of sending Ozzy to Redemption Island, as there was no guarantee he'd return by taking out Christine. She flat out acknowledged that they are not 100 percent without Ozzy. She is right about that.

So we're left to hope that Ozzy's martyr-like move yields the desired effect. We'll find out next week.

This week's episode had us wondering why Whitney hasn't sang at all to entertain her tribemates It has to get boring while stranded on a island, and some entertainment might do the survivors a little good!