On the 'Cult Like' episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific,' Redemption Island dweller and country singer Whitney Duncan, who was voted off and sent to RI two weeks ago, had a chance to redeem herself and return to the competition if she won a challenge against her former Savaii tribemates Ozzy and Dawn. In order stay in and further compete, she'd have to win. If she lost, she'd become the third or fourth member of the jury. Sadly, she did not win. Whitney and Dawn were both fully eliminated from competition last night (Nov. 30.)

The duel challenge consisted of balancing ceramic dishes on the end of a long wobbly arm. If your dishes fall, you are out for good. The more dishes you pile onto the arm, the more unstable the arm becomes. Whitney's future teetered with each dish that host Jeff Probst told her to add to the pile.

Whitney was careful, stacking her dinnerware with surgical precision. It reminded us of that episode of 'The Brady Bunch' with the house of cards, where Marcia's dangling bracelet causes it to crumble.

Dawn's stash fell over first. It was down to Whitney and Ozzy, but her stash tumbled on the quick and her dreams of 'Survivor' glory were dashed. She hugged Ozzy to congratulate him on his win; it was almost as if she was relieved to be done with it all.

When Probst asked Whitney what this journey meant to her, viewers following her personal drama (leaving her husband, embarking on a relationship with fellow castmate Keith) knew that was a loaded question. The effortlessly bedheaded Whitney said, "Proving you can do this was amazing and it was hard. You make it through and you push through on those days you don't think you can. My family will be proud and my friends will be proud so I am going to be proud. Twenty-eight days is a long time."

When she was called back in for the jury, she took a seat right next to Keith. No shocker there.

Spoiler alert: Cochran was sent to Redemption Island at the end of the episode.

With our country cutie now voted off, this concludes our coverage of 'Survivor: South Pacific.' Good luck to the rest of the competitors.