This season of 'Survivor' is dubbed 'Survivor: South Pacific,' and country singer Whitney Duncan is a cast member. It's essentially 39 days where 18 people of all different backgrounds are forced to work together and live to see another day on the island. Of course, there was tons of drama in the first episode, but none of it revolved around the blond and beautiful Duncan.

In fact, Duncan wasn’t featured much, and that's likely because it was the debut episode and there are over a dozen new cast members feeling their way around. The fact that Duncan flew below the radar could bode well for her down the line. Does she have the guile to lay low and then go in for the kill as the season progresses? Could she be a quiet killer? You never can tell with a show such as this; it really gets to the meat of someone's psyche as each season rolls out. So give it time, and we'll see how Duncan survives 'Survivor.'

The beautiful Semhar Tadesse, 24, was the first eliminated cast member of the new, nascent season. Too bad her skills in the coconut obstacle course left much to be desired, and she was bounced.

Host Jeff Probst even singled Duncan out, asking her if she was glad she wasn't under the microscope at the Tribal Council. She said, "The attention is not on me, but actually, I thought I could do it, but she was vocal about her abilities and no one else had a chance to jump in," sort of throwing Semhar under the bus.

Semhar Tadesse was sent home, and Whitney Duncan lives to fight another week. Perhaps she will assert herself next week?

There are more battles to be had in the sun and sand. By the way, we have to point out that the beautiful ocean that the castmates were swimming in made us wonder: How hard can a stint on 'Survivor' really be?