After a gossip-filled week where her marital status and relationship with former Savaii tribesmate Keith Tollefson was revealed, our eyes were affixed to country singer Whitney Duncan on the 'Running the Show' episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific,' which aired last night (Nov. 16).

As we've reported each week since the start of the new season of the reality show, Duncan was a low-key player, only showing her nasty side last week while lashing out at the double agent known as Cochran. We're wondering if more country fans tuned into the show this week to learn more about Duncan and her juicy romantic drama. We wish she was this interesting throughout the course of the season.

We'll get down to the nitty gritty. The tribes are dwindling. Old alliances are dying off, with Savaii shrinking with every passing hour, and the remaining members of Upolu are still sticking with each other. Challenges take place involving bowls being balanced on head, like island finishing school. And no, none of it is as scintillating as what happened off-screen between the married Whit and the looks-good-without-a-shirt Keith.

The jury was assembled, and each member was asked survival-related questions during the vote at Tribal Council. Sophie earned immunity, and it was Whitney who was left exposed and finally sent to Redemption Island. So we'll see her again, but she'll be fighting for her life. It's just ironic that this is the week she was sent to Redemption Island. It couldn't have played out anymore dramatically!

Whitney Duncan will get her chance to battle back from Redemption Island next week.