On 'Free Agent,' last night's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific,' country music sweetheart Whitney Duncan was not a crucial part of the action (yet again), but hey -- if she looked effortlessly chic, in a stranded on a deserted island kinda way! Her blond hair was so accidentally pretty, all tousled and salt-air styled. Who needs hairspray or styling products when you have the elements?

Duncan and her layers of alliances with her fellow Savaii tribemates weren't much of a topic of discussion on the episode. It was more of a Upolu tribe centered episode, so we can't really say for sure that the singer was playing it low key again, even though that has been her M.O. For a minute, Ozzy was huffing and puffing and severing his alliances with the tribe, since Elyse was sent to redemption island (and eventually sent home after a game of shuffleboard) against his wishes. He revealed he had the immunity idol and called himself a free agent.

For the challenge, the tribes had to construct a wheelbarrow, fill it with coconuts and then fire them at targets.
Savaii won immunity at the last minute, after a rocky start. They got to feast as their reward, which brought them a bit closer together. They went sliding down a bunch of mossy rocks into the water to celebrate after filling their bellies. Didn't anyone tell them you don't swim after you eat?

Spoiler alert: Mikayla was sent to Redemption Island over Edna.