We've lamented that country singer Whitney Duncan has played little more than a bit part on 'Survivor: South Pacific' this season, often blending into the scenery, not asserting herself much and generally laying low. We also surmised that the singer is quite wily by flying under the radar to strengthen her footing. While the squeaky wheels get the attention (and early exits), Duncan has remained. In this week's episode, she showed her guile … not to mention her side rib tattoo and in shape body!

Duncan, once again displaying her toned physique in a hot pink bikini, looked like she was on vacation for much of the first half of the episode, with her messy ponytail and megawatt smile. We noticed she's often hanging out with her fellow castaways of the dude persuasion, too!

The singer wasn't afraid to get her face dirty during the gross challenge of pulling meat off a pig on a stick using only your mouth with your hands tied behind your back. The survivors could not swallow the meat; instead they had to spit it into a trough. The tribe that transported the most meat in weight would win. We know, we were nauseous, too. There were several closeups of the young singer gnawing on meat with juice on her chin, truly demonstrating her primal instincts.

Her tribe, Savaii, lost by two ounces and headed to Council, but beforehand, the inner tribe discussions showed Duncan's guile. The alliances form in pockets, with Elise the odd woman out. With Elise, Dawn, Corcoran and Ozzy all gunning for each other in some convoluted way or another, Keith and Whitney had room to play. While the duo swam, they mapped out their plans. Duncan twisted her fingers and said, "Elise and Ozzy are like this, so Ozzy won't like if we all vote her off and there goes our alliance." She knows she has to play her cards right and acknowledged to Keith that they need to decide if they want Elise out now or later. She admitted, "Keith and I are plotting to weasel our way around this and still come out with our alliance with Ozzy."

See what we mean about her guile? She plotted to weaken Ozzy without alienating him or losing her alliance with him. Sneaky girl. Spoiler: Elise was voted off at Tribal Council and sent to Redemption Island. Duncan received zero votes from her tribemates. Could she pull this off and be the season's 'Survivor?'