For the second week in a row, country singer Whitney Duncan flew low below the radar on 'Survivor: South Pacific.' However, she was inadvertently a part of the action, since a Savaii tribe alliance was created by Jim, Keith and Ozzy and was designed to include two other girls (Elyse and Whitney) for the eventual merge down the road.

The men referred to Elyse and Whitney as "the two girls we like," as the camera panned to Whitney in her bright yellow bikini and big cross necklace. She was described as being "easy to get along with." Her low-key existence is allowing her to get on the good side of the dudes who form these cloak and dagger alliances, but there is no resting easy on 'Survivor'! Alliances can sour at any point and be used against the person they seem to cater to. So Whitney is certainly not in the clear because of this.

At this point in the nascent season, Whitney Duncan is part of the larger schemes and machinations going on. How that fares for her will be unveiled as the season rolls on. She hasn't been super active in the season so far, in terms of the drama, but she did do her part in this week's challenge, helping her team to win and avoid a tribal council and an ouster of a team member.

The challenge was unlocking bound teammates and then solving a puzzle. Savaii struggled with the release of teammates but gained ground on the puzzle portion and eventually won the challenge, avoiding tribal council. Savaii was rewarded with pillows, blankets and maps for their efforts. Those are luxuries on the island!

In the end, Christine and Mikayla of the Upolu tribe were up against one another at the tribal council, with Christine being voted off and sent to Redemption Island.