The Swon Brothers' 'Later On' -- from their self-titled album -- showcases the duo's harmonies in addition to simple, yet incredibly catchy lyrics. It's a one-of-a-kind tune that they recently had the opportunity to play on the Opry stage.

The brothers, Zach and Colton, knew when they heard this song it was one that was meant for them. Zach explains that it is was a number of things that put this song at the top of their list of those they wanted to cut.

“What made us pick ‘Later On’ was just those harmony-driven lines,” the Swon bro says. "It’s just one of those songs that stuck with us, you know. We listened to over a thousand songs probably, to put on the record. We just had an attraction to it and loved it.”

“We knew without a doubt -- like it was on top of my list, it was on top of his list," Colton adds in agreement. "We didn’t even have to question it, ‘cause we knew that was a song for us.”

Sometimes a simple song is the perfect recipe and this time was no different. Fans are really enjoying 'Later On.'

“It’s simple enough for people to remember. It also just hits this sweet spot that me and Colton create this brother harmony together that I think really compliments us,” Zach says.

The Swon Brothers got to make a dream come true and play their single while standing on that famed Opry circle. They say it's extra special for them, being from Oklahoma and following in the footsteps of several other important artists from their home state.

“To play the Opry is just a blessing, that’s all I can describe it as," Colton explains of the "humbling" experience. "We’re living our dreams but being on our stage and knowing that we’re following in the footsteps of other Okies like Reba, Vince, Garth, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton. There’s just so many people are from Oklahoma that you just look up to. It’s a pretty cool feeling.”

It was probably enough that they were able to play the Grand Ole Opry with their single, 'Later On,' but what completed the experience for Zach and Colton was having their fans in the audience singing along.

“It’s really cool to see this song growing and to see people singing the single back to us," Colton concludes. "That is like a dream come true. You know, it’s cool to do a cover song, people sing the song back to you, a song that everybody’s known for years but when it’s your own song, your own record, it’s such a good feeling."

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