Charlie Worsham

Charlie Worsham vs. Little Big Town – The Showdown
Charlie Worsham goes for win No. 5 and entrance into the Showdown Hall of Fame this week. His new single 'Want Me Too' topped Eric Church's 'Give Me Back My Hometown' over the weekend, setting up a battle with Little Big Town's Top 40 single 'Sober.'
Charlie Worsham vs. Eric Church – The Showdown
Charlie Worsham's fans proved they're for real by beating Brantley Gilbert's fans in a Showdown song battle between their two new songs. 'Want Me Too' came from behind to take down 'Bottoms Up.' It was a win that proved the Mississippi-raised singer isn't a ma…
Charlie Worsham vs. Brantley Gilbert – The Showdown
Charlie Worsham and his fans have won two straight Showdown song battles, but 'Want Me To' will face its toughest competition yet on Wednesday and Thursday. The uptempo love song knocked off Austin Webb's powerful ballad 'Slip on By' earlier this week. Up next: the brand new…
Charlie Worsham vs. Austin Webb – The Showdown
Newcomer Charlie Worsham stood up to country legend Toby Keith over the weekend, and the 'Want Me Too' singer walked away with a narrow upset. The mid-tempo love song took 54 percent of the vote, meaning it moves on to a second round, this time against a track by another hungry newbie.
Toby Keith vs. Charlie Worsham – The Showdown
Congrats to Chris Young and his loyal fans. The singer's new song 'Who I Am With you' won its fifth straight Showdown earlier this week, meaning it gets retired to the Hall of Fame and two brand new challengers will square off. Toby Keith's been here before. He's hoping his new song 'Shut Up and Hol…

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