Granger Smith

Granger Smith is one of country music's most inspirational success stories. The Dallas native moved to Nashville at age 19 after signing a song publishing contract with EMI Music Publishing, but he moved back to his native Texas to launch his solo career through a long string of independent studio albums. Smith is an unusually hard-working live performer, and he's been able to parlay his regional success in Texas into success as a national touring artist, ultimately catching the attention of Wheelhouse Records in Nashville. He released his first major label album, 'Remington,' in 2016, and its debut single, "Backroad Song," reached No. 1. The album also yielded a second single in "If the Boot Fits." Smith has also achieved a lot of viral video success and earned mainstream attention with his comedic alter ego, Earl Dibbles, Jr.

  • Full Name: Granger Kelly Smith
  • Birth Date: Sept. 4, 1979
  • Top Songs: “Backroad Song,” “Bury Me in Blue Jeans”
  • Did You Know? Smith met his wife, Amber, on the set of one of his videos.
Granger Smith’s Kids Are Reenacting His Stage Fall
Granger Smith has seen the videos. You've probably seen the videos of his stage fall in Sayreville, N. J., as well. Seemingly everyone, including his oldest two kids, has seen him step onto a wobbly monitor and come crashing down. Smith jokes that he can't get away from it.
Getting to Know Earl Dibbles Jr.
Earl Dibbles Jr. is something of a mystery man. He's an enigma. He doesn't do interviews, but Granger Smith has always been willing to discuss his alter ego — but one question stumped him in a recent interview.

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