Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles is widely respected as one of country music's greatest singers and live performers. Nettles cut her teeth in the local Atlanta scene of the 1990s before forming Sugarland with fellow Atlanta vets Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall, with all of them setting aside rawer, more organic sounds for a more slickly produced, more commercial sound. The result was 2004's 'Twice the Speed of Life,' the group's multi-Platinum debut album, which yielded the hit single "Baby Girl." By their second album album in 2006, the trio had become a duo with Hall's departure, and 'Enjoy the Ride' scored them two No. 1 hits with "Want To" and "Settlin'." They also won a Grammy for "Stay," and continued on with a string of hit singles that includes "It Happens" and "Stuck Like Glue." Tragedy struck the duo in 2011, when the stage collapsed just prior to their gig at the Indiana State Fair, killing seven people and injuring 45 more. The duo announced a hiatus in 2012 while Nettles went on maternity leave, and she gave birth to a son in December of that year. She and Bush have subsequently focused on solo work; Nettles released her debut solo album, 'That Girl,' in January of 2014, and she realized a lifelong dream in February of 2015 when she debuted on Broadway in 'Chicago the Musical.'

  • Full Name: Jennifer Odessa Nettles
  • Top Songs: “Baby Girl,” “Stay,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” “That Girl”
  • Did You Know? Nettles’ husband appeared in Sugarland’s video for “Want To.”
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