Johnny Cash

See the Worst Country Tattoos Ever [Watch]
Tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent these days, with many big fans wanting to show their love for their favorite country music artists in a very ... dedicated ... way. Unfortunately, sometimes that devotion can turn into something to be less than proud of.
5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Walk the Line’
If you watch the 2005 hit movie 'Walk the Line' closely (and perhaps repeatedly), you'll begin to pick up on nuanced bits of trivia and tributes carefully placed by director James Mangold and the creative talent behind the film. Years later you'll also realize that a few characte…
‘C’ Is for Johnny Cash – Top Country Artists A to Z
Why: You will not find a letter more contested than 'C.' Legends like Glen Campbell and Patsy Cline miss out, as do modern superstars like Kenny Chesney and artists that influenced Johnny Cash, like the Carter Family. But there will never be an artist or personality as influentia…

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