Keith Urban

Keith Urban's career took off in the mid '80s in Australia. He once admitted he wanted to be a radio DJ, but by 1991 it was clear he belonged on the other side of the radio. His move to Nashville did not bring immediate success, but he found work as a guitar player for Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn. In 2000, Urban's big break came with ‘But for the Grace of God,’ a song he followed up with a streak of Top 10 hits that are still alive today. The 2005 CMA Entertainer of the Year has been one of country’s most reliable headliners since the mid-2000s. His marriage to actress Nicole Kidman has quieted his bad boy impulses and led to some of his most satisfying music yet. In 2013, he debuted as a judge on ‘American Idol.’

Opinion: How Do We Move Forward After Las Vegas?
Earlier today a reporter for a cable news network asked me how country music would move forward after the attacks in Las Vegas. I hope I said something that made sense and represented our community intelligently, but the truth is I'm not so sure. Or at least I wasn't then.

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