LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is one of the most unusual success stories in country music. It's not a genre that really caters to child stars, but Rimes shot to overnight stardom at the age of 13 in 1996 with the release of 'Blue.' She also became the youngest artist ever to win a Grammy, taking home both Best New Artist and Best Female Country Performance. Rimes has gone on to an unusually varied career, scoring subsequent hits in country, and also crossing over to pop, releasing different material internationally than in the U.S. and essentially conducting two parallel careers at once. She is also an author and actor, and a frequent tabloid target; her lawsuit against Curb Records, as well as her divorce and subsequent re-marriage, made headlines all over the world. Rimes is widely regarded as one of the strongest female vocalists in country music.

  • Birth Name: Margaret LeAnn Rimes
  • Top Songs: ‘Blue,’ ‘How Do I Live,’ ‘I Need You’
  • Did You Know? When she was eight years old, Rimes competed on ‘Star Search,’ where she reigned for one week.
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LeAnn Rimes Without Makeup
When LeAnn Rimes steps out, she's usually dolled up in the hottest fashions or something that shows off a body she works very hard to keep toned. However, she took this photo of herself wearing no makeup to show Twitter followers what Eddie Cibrian wakes up next to every morning...
LeAnn Rimes Kisses a Fish
Here's an adorable and candid LeAnn Rimes photo opp that wasn't staged for the paparazzi, as rumors recently suggested. The singer shared an air kiss with a really big fish while having a good time on the wide open waves in Cabo, where she was recently on vacation.
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LeAnn Rimes – Country Wax Figures
This wax figure of LeAnn Rimes may not be toward the front of the artist's portfolio. The sarcastic scowl is not the most flattering, and in this light it sort of looks like she has a black eye. Although this was molded of a young LeAnn, back when she was a child superstar...

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