Love and Theft

Sara Evans vs. Love and Theft – The Showdown
One more win and Sara Evans' new song 'Slow Me Down' can rest comfortably in the Taste of Country Hall of Fame, a luxurious palace that only the finest county songs have access to. She doubled up Chase Rice's 'Ready Set Roll' on Wednesday and Thursday. The ballad will n…
Trace Adkins vs. Love and Theft – The Showdown
Trace Adkins' new single 'Watch the World End' topped another superstar single earlier this week, making for three straight wins. It will take five to get the duet with pop singer Colbie Caillat to the Hall of Fame. Today he's taking on a different kind of duo and their new balla…
Love and Theft, ‘If You Ever Get Lonely’ – Song Review
'If You Ever Get Lonely,' the new single from Love and Theft, makes vanilla taste like chili powder. The song was previously recorded by former Bad English singer John Waite, and Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson do little to put their individual marks on the story or production.

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