What's life like when you're 22? According to Taylor Swift's hit '22,' it's the age where you eat breakfast at midnight and feel happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time -- in the best way. It sounds pretty miserable and magical, yes? Oh yeah. So, what's life like when you're 32? According to this hilarious parody, it's only miserable.

The parody depicts life as a 32-year-old in a laugh-out-loud way, pointing out all the bleak circumstances youthful and vibrant 20-somethings have to look forward to, and it definitely paints a dismal (and somewhat accurate) picture. It also doesn't include breakfast at midnight, because let's be honest -- that way too late when you have to get up for work the next morning.

The '32' video begins with the lyrics, "It feels like one of those days / Where I'll just go to work / And that's probably all," and it just gets funnier as the song plays out.

It's similar in style to Swift's video, but the lifestyle is completely different. Once you hit your 30s, according to the video, your metabolism slows way down, you have the adolescent curse of acne -- while accumulating wrinkles at the same time -- and your body's sore from walking up a single staircase. You're more likely to go to bed at 8PM, and Facebook newsfeed is crowded with photos... of newborns.

All in all, it's a completely comical parody of Swift's happy-go-lucky '22' video, which is filled with endless trampoline jumping and carefree cake-eating. The parody is so clever, you'll find yourself watching it again and again -- and it also portrays a real ability to be more comfortable with yourself, and even laugh at yourself in your 30s, compared to the sometimes angst-filled 20s. Plus, dinner parties are involved, which sounds like a pretty great tradeoff.

This isn't the first time the superstar's songs have been parodied, as 'We are Never Ever Getting Back Together' was recently spoofed, and Weird Al took on 'You Belong With Me.'