Taylor Swift poses in a frilly blue and green sundress on the cover USA Weekend and in the accompanying article, the country superstar answers a host of questions submitted by fans.

The questions run the gamut from intimate and personal -- like, "Do you regret not going to college?" to which she answered she doesn't since you have to put those things in perspective -- to fun and frivolous.

One fan asked "If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?" to which she offered an alternately humanitarian and hilarious answer. "Healing people. Being able to heal people would be an amazing superpower," says Swift. "I couldn't handle mind-reading. Nobody ever give me mind-reading!"

Here's a sampling of some of Swift's most telling responses to fans' burning questions, which center on her confessional songwriting style (which often revolves around the men in her life), writing without a filter, and how 'Friends' DVDs can instantly transport her home.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes. For some reason, when you are with some people, you'd rather be closer to them than further away. You want to know everything about them. This crazy, immeasurable, intangible, magical chemistry happens with certain people. When you have that, you have to know how rare it is. If you let it slip away, it's such a shame.

When you write songs about your relationships with people, do you consider what their reaction will be?
The only thing I'm thinking about is the person I'm writing about. It's a little message in a bottle. Sometimes, the purpose of writing it in the first place is what the person will do when they hear it. The fact that other people come into the equation, that happens 50 steps down the line.

Your song lyrics have allowed the world access into your private life. Is there anything you wouldn't write about?
If something has affected me deeply, I'm going to write about it. I don't put much of a filter on.
I've written songs that were just anger rants. I don't usually play them for anyone, but it's nice to write them and rhyme that person's name with literally every horrible thing you can think of.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed and want to be alone?
I sit on my couch under a giant quilt and watch 'Friends.' My 10-disc DVD set has made me feel at home in places I had never been before. Halfway across the world, I put in 'Friends,' and I am suddenly more at home.

There is also an accompanying video from the photo shoot, where Swift talks about how much her life has changed since her last USA Weekend cover in 2008. She refers to herself as an "opening act" then, and now her fans have been "so nice" and supportive enough for her to have her own headlining shows. She also speaks about her fashion evolution, namely her love of girly sundresses, which she especially prefers to wear in the springtime.

Watch the Video of Taylor Swift Talking to USA Weekend