Taylor Swift may be the reigning princess of country music, but she's got a new title for her resume: "Extended Member of Hustle Gang." The singer was christened as such by rapper T.I., who performed with Swift when she hit his native Atlanta during her Speak Now Tour and who claims to have heard her much ballyhooed collaboration with rapper B.o.B.

B.o.B. has stonewalled the media when discussing the collaboration with Swift, cryptically saying that "I can’t discredit nor confirm the rumor. Once it’s began, it’s begun and it will take its course."

Well, T.I. was able to confirm the rumor, since he told MTV that he heard the song with his own ears. He also said that Swift is like family now. "Taylor’s extended Hustle Gang. She a part of the crew. She just ain’t got her dog tags yet, but she’s a part of the crew though," he proclaimed.

Our girl Taylor Swift has been warmly embraced by the hip-hop crew. That's a serious honor, since not everyone is extended an invite. But America's Sweetheart has gotten under the gang's skin and is helping hip-hop and country collide in a new way.

The collaboration with B.o.B. is slated to appear on his 'Strange Clouds' album, which is due May 1. Maybe once the song hits, Swift will fully earn those dog tags T.I. spoke about.