Taylor Swift visited Ellen DeGeneres during the release week promotional round for 'Red' on her namesake show back in October. Remember when the talk show host probed the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer about her love life, nearly causing a complete and total meltdown? Well, Swift didn't hold a grudge and she even performed outside for Ellen! The performance of her twangy, contemplative ballad 'Begin Again' is making the rounds and it was flawlessly executed.

Swift, performing in a crisp white shirt, black shorts and a swipe of red lipstick, strummed an acoustic red guitar, while scores of fans screamed in approval during the song.

Even though Swift was performing in the hot Los Angeles sun, her delivery of the song was infused with its own warmth and plenty of depth.

The song is so rife with emotion that it strikes a nerve, and this live rendition was no different.

This particular performance really was truly and totally about the contemplative, heartfelt song, not the backup singers, the background dancers or the fan curiosity about which ex-boyfriend inspired the song. We love when Swift shows off her dancing skills, but there's just something so special about when she straps on a guitar and performs her songs.