As Taylor Swift's collection of awards grows longer by the day, the country starlet is putting aside the accolades to focus on another list: a Christmas list. Enjoying the chance to ease back into life after her Speak Now Tour, Swift told PEOPLE that she's enjoying feeling like a kid again, making homemade snow globes and trimming the tree with her family.

“It’s so nostalgic," she says, "looking back at all the Christmases past and comparing them to how different our lives are now.” For now, Swift says she's concentrating on shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for her friends. And it does take some concentration because she's intentional about what she buys, being careful to get each person a gift that shows she truly knows him or her.

“If one of my friends says something about wanting something, I’ll write it down and get that for them for Christmas," she explains. For herself, the star's list is surprisingly simple: antique picture frames, a pasta maker and, in her own words, "anything from Free People or Anthropologie."

For her fans, she says she hopes they're happy, wherever they are, and that they know they're appreciated by her.