The point that Taylor Swift is the country music genre's ambassador to the rest of the world was well made at the CMT Artist of the Year event.

In the interview that aired before she received her award, the singer spoke about the two dozen artists she brought on stage to sing with her during her recently-wrapped Speak Now Tour and how she wanted fans to experience the element of surprise with the guest stars. "I want them to feel that the show we gave them was more than they expected and that it was worth spending their evening with us," the worshipped-by-millions Swift said.

Faith Hill praised Swift's hopeless romanticism when she presented the singer with her CMT Artist of the Year Award. Looking radiant in a red strapless dress paired with fire engine red lips, the 22-year-old songstress spoke about touring with Brad Paisley at age 17, and all the pranks that went down, and how Kenny Chesney always checks in with her via text and seems to intuit when she's having a bad day.

Swift also commented that she thought Lady Antebellum must have written 'We Own the Night' about an epic dance party that they had together one night last year, and boy did it make us wish we were there! She also threw some props to Jason Aldean and his adorable little girls, proving that this is why Swift is the genre's ambassador. She made her reception of the award about the people she shared it with.

Before leaving the stage, Swift nodded to her 'Ours' video, where her frumpy office worked character reunites with her military love, which is when she thanked the men and women in the armed forces for serving our country, surely earning her even more points with her country fanbase.