It seems Taylor Swift has trouble acclimating to a normal lifestyle when she catches a rare break from touring, like remembering which way is up, how to work a microwave and whether or not dogs are related to rabbits. On Thursday, while at home in Nashville, the 'Speak Now' artist posted a cute (but strange) photo of her parents' dog sitting straight up like a bunny.

"Things are always a little different when you come home from the road. Ex: my parents dog now sits like a rabbit," Swift tweeted on September 22, including the picture above of her father, Scott Swift, with the family dog perched in the chair next to him.

We're sure the 'Mean' singer enjoyed her home stay, as she's been on her Speak Now Tour for months now and won't get another lengthy break until Thanksgiving. On Saturday, September 24, Swift will hit the road once again for a show in Kansas City, Mo., followed by sold out concerts in Denver, Colo. and Salt Lake City, Utah.